Rapid modernization has overtaken the conventional methods of service delivery and merchandizing, all the more so in scope of security and safety.  Faced by complex and transforming threats and risks, the Fifth Dimension (Cyber) has become the lynchpin for flexible business and overarching security strategies.

More than two dozen distinct and specialized security features now integrate themselves into one effective security umbrella that morphs into the C4IS (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Surveillance) Concepts and Control Stations, and co-join the business and security by placing it at your fingertips.  The intrepid eye of camera and the software now detect a threat much beyond a human perception, while the powerful IT tools, aided by Artificial Intelligence (IA) provide analytics that lubricate the engine of successful business.  The availability of multiple solutions and array of efficient products can now fortify these entities against the threats and plug all conceivable loopholes.  Safety and Security has become an inseparably vital constituent of each and every segment of modern day society.   The Environmental concerns including Health & Safety, have further bonded more firmly with the modern business and security ethos.

These transformations have opened new vistas for inculcating advanced sense of security through use of dedicated professional solutions, combining human intelligence, Cyber Technologies and state of the art products.

Economy and efficiency are among the major considerations in modern day business.  The rising overhead fixed expenses in any business module demand versatility and flexibility that permits optimum utilization of these sources in achieving different goals, most economically and without conflicting with each other.  An innovative combination of Human Resources and technological solutions has made it possible to yield such results that enable a smooth and efficient business operation in all faculties.

RSL Traders Limited, with its highly qualified and experienced leadership as well as its mentors and continuous support of business affiliates, is persistently enhancing its service delivery and merchandising scope, by inducting the latest technologies and products.


RSL Traders Ltd. aims to provide round the clock secure, professional and cost effective Integrated Security & Safety Management solutions, services and products for our clients, at their door-steps; ensuring availability of value for money, Leading Edge Technologies, Proven Products & Solutions backed by competent professionals.  We remain committed to long-term client relationships; and continuously diversify our scope of services to match the changing needs of our clients, their business environments and the market drivers.


We are an upcoming UK company that has been is providing successful service delivery to its client in and outside UK. Expanding into merchandising, we are now engaged in finalization of several agreements with leading manufacturers and providers of Security related services and products.

RSL Traders Limited”, (RSLT) is incorporated since Nov 2012 in United Kingdom, and provides various services in the United Kingdom and abroad; Its interests in Pakistan and Middle East are looked after by RSL PSIL, TSSL and M&H Softline.

RSL-PSIL or “RSL Premier Services International (Private) Limited” is a member of the RSL Group, and represents RSL Traders Ltd.’s interests in Pakistan and closely collaborates with TSSL and other affiliates to provide Security related auxiliary services.

TSSL or “Titan Security Services (Private) Limited” provides services in tandem with RSL Group and holds relevant NOC from Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. It operates in collaboration with RSLT (UK), RSL PSIL, M&H Softline (Pakistan), as well as, independently, to provide various security related services in Pakistan.

M&H Softline or “M&H Softline International (Private) Limited”, is a versatile IT Company partner to the RSL Group that completes the business inter-reliance matrix. The Company has been recently incorporated in Pakistan and aims to provide IT Products, Support & Services to the Group and other Affiliates, by offering a modern, customized platform for IT, and Cyber Security intensive projects.