Access Control being the gateway for security and safety, We offer variety of Enterprise Access Control and Security Management systems that are combination of Software, Hardware and Variety of identification Devices, based on high innovation levels and combination of feature-rich products.
The Security Management Systems smoothly integrate Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Elevator Control, CCTV and DVR, Biometric Authentication, Photo ID, Building Automation / Building Management Systems (BMS), Illumination Control that can be monitored on-site or off-site.  The flexibility allows expansion or additions to the system with minimum modifications.  The Systems allow controlled entry, comprehensive lock-down in emergency, lone-worker security in most effective manner.  
Software: We offer Enterprise, Small Business and Individual client solutions, meeting customer needs.  We believe in delivering user-friendly, responsive, reliable and efficient software that can be used from desktop, server and over-the-web.  The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is also available in some cases, while Video Management System (VMS) and Cloud-Based Access Control Systems are also available, providing 24/7 tremendous operational flexibility.  Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Behaviour Analysis, and other technologies, we further strengthen the security and safety delivery capability.
Hardware: We offer robust, reliable, fail-safe Controllers that employ Open-Interface Protocols, and accommodate variety of contact-less
Identification Devices, Biometric and Iris Identification Devices, and several other technologies used for Access Control, Intrusion Detection.  The products are certified and meet the highest standards of Quality Control. Identification Devices:  We offer a wide selection of Identification Devices, Sensors etc. that include Proximity Identification Devices, Long range Identification Devices, and Biometric Readers that add value to your systems.




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